IWF Shanghai 2023 comes to a successful conclusion

24-26th June, nearly 60,000 people, leaders gathered, ideas exchanged, exciting events happened. On this big stage of professional sports and fitness, exhibitors and many professional buyers covering 65+ countries and regions around the world have in-depth communications, bringing IWF Shanghai International Fitness Expo to a climax and a successful conclusion!

IWF Shanghai 2023 comes to a successful conclusion1As a highly anticipated sports and fitness expo of this year in the industry, it carries too much meanings and expectations. In the past three years, the sports and fitness industry has overcome the challenges brought by many uncertain factors, showing strong resilience and elasticity. If 2022 is the first year of the outbreak of online fitness, then 2023 can be regarded to be a critical period for the sports and fitness industry to enter recovery, development and transformation. Many well-known enterprises brought new products to the exhibition, and at the same time brought vitality to the exhibition under the blessing of the crowd and trade demand. At this point, the organizing committee of IWF Shanghai International Fitness Expo also expresses its sincere gratitude to all exhibitors, visitors, and industry colleagues for their trust and support!

IWF Shanghai 2023 comes to a successful conclusion2

What does ten years mean? For IWF, it is from a fledgling all the way through the road ahead of confusion, wind and rain push, and finally meet everyone in June ten years grand event.

1. IWF Starts with fitness

IWF and colleagues in the industry meet in different corners of the world, move forward in a concerted effort, and grow in the thorns. The exhibition gathered fitness equipment, clubs and other equipment suppliers and solution companies to participate. The exhibition takes innovation and transcendence as the starting point, caters to the new market situation, takes advantage of the national fitness policy, deeply taps the market demand, lays out the sports industry market, and brings more professional services and more comprehensive experience to customers at home and abroad.

Matrix launched Black Technology ITC2.0 strength training console, using the Ultra series of strength equipment intelligent training console, so that strength training no longer rely on feeling.

IWF Shanghai 2023 comes to a successful conclusion3

JW SPORT participated in the exhibition with star products such as YS Arthur Series luxury commercial treadmill, TS Beyond series fixed strength trainers, and BE Black Eagle series hanging frame strength trainers to help gyms create higher quality exercise scenes.

IWF Shanghai 2023 comes to a successful conclusion4SPEEDIANCE launches the Commercial Master series to expand the digital power map.

IWF Shanghai 2023 comes to a successful conclusion5

2. IWF More than fitness

CSE Shanghai Swimming SPA Expo, INE International Nutrition and Health Exhibition, CIST International Sports and leisure products Exhibition, STAF Shanghai venue construction and sports technology exhibition are also being held at the same time, realizing the complementary resources of multiple exhibitions and forming a complete supply chain, which is a vivid embodiment of the “Big Sports and Big Health”.

Xu Qi, Deputy Director of Shanghai Sports Bureau, said: “Since the inception of IWF Shanghai International Fitness Exhibition in 2014, it has demonstrated a high level of market vitality and professional standards, and has made remarkable achievements in leading industry trends, promoting scientific and technological innovation, delivering a healthy lifestyle, and grafting the whole industrial chain.”

IWF Shanghai 2023 comes to a successful conclusion6

M-Action, a professional sports nutrition brand which belongs to Mengniu, is the leader of high-end sports nutrition products in China. Nutrition Black technology, a liquid protein designed for exercise, was introduced at the exhibition.

IWF Shanghai 2023 comes to a successful conclusion7

There are a lot of celebrities in the fitness industry gathering at KPT booth, attracting many visitors to participate in the interaction.

IWF Shanghai 2023 comes to a successful conclusion8

There is a wide range of products such as light exercise products, sports shoes, and yoga MATS.

IWF Shanghai 2023 comes to a successful conclusion9

There are also digital fitness “meta universe”, camping, pulp board, land punch, exploration of sports planet and other scene experience trends.

IWF Shanghai 2023 comes to a successful conclusion10

3. IWF Focus on promoting trade

As an important platform for exhibitors at home and abroad to connect and cooperate with visitors from all over the world, B2B trade matchmaking conference has realized the landing from product exhibition and sales to enabling trade, and supporting business service activities such as on-site business opportunity release, inspection and docking. Professional buyers come from China, Japan, Singapore, the United States and other 30+ countries and regions. Practical and in-depth discussions were held on the cooperation of clothing, shoes and socks, equipment and so on.

IWF Shanghai 2023 comes to a successful conclusion11

This B2B conference promotes the transformation of exhibits into commodities and procurement into trade, which is a bold attempt to promote the economy at home and abroad from an international perspective, and is also a vivid case of optimizing the business environment and promoting trade facilitation.

4. IWF Cooperate with the government

Together with the Shanghai Sports Bureau, Shanghai Sports Development Center, Ningjin County government and other departments, focusing on the sports and fitness consumption and service market with broad development prospects, under the background of “the first year of consumption boost”, we opened the Shanghai Sports Consumption Festival, a new scene and new position of sports consumption, and explored the advantageous industrial cluster with the model of “government guidance + enterprise participation + exhibition service”.

IWF Shanghai 2023 comes to a successful conclusion12

5. IWF Insight into trends

The sports and fitness industry is rapidly reshuffling, how can it be reborn? How can manufacturing revolutionize technology? What are the frontier highlights in the nutrition and health industry? How should brand and talent merge?

The three-day exhibition held the “Insight Trend · Pilot Innovation” Summit Forum, the West Lake on “Health” China fitness equipment industry Summit Magic Dialogue, the fifth China sports Nutrition Food Market Industry Forum, the tenth China Fitness Leaders Forum and the fourth China Influence Club Private Board of Directors, SUPER ICON SUPER Talent talk show, “Light” 2023 IWF Harison Shining Magic Annual Dinner, SUPER ICON Super Talent Award ceremony, China Fitness Equipment Brand Forum, Pilates industry activities, education and training and other popular activities, invited a number of expert guests in the field, as well as a number of leading enterprise elite leaders. They discussed the way of industry innovation and seek the road of industrial development.

IWF Shanghai 2023 comes to a successful conclusion13

As a promoter and active participant of fitness, IWF International Fitness Exhibition works with major event organizers to standardize, improve and prosper the healthy development of fitness industry, and gathers DMS Champion Classic (Shanghai Station) and 2023 Monster Training MS International College Student Newcomer Competition at the exhibition. In addition to the display of strength and beauty, there are also interesting and intense coexistence of 2023 Shanghai City Amateur League Shanghai Youth Floorball 3V3 Tournament and IWF Youth Floorball 3V3 Invitational Tournament, Free Combat “MMA” tournament, so that the game is more interesting.

IWF Shanghai 2023 comes to a successful conclusion14

There are also IWF Fitness Festival education and training open class, 3HFIT course, Scientific Exercise prescription Forum, Xinchun ACE course, ONEFIT X MATRIX studio, core Pilates course, industry masters gathered at the scene to bring the latest sports concepts.

IWF Shanghai 2023 comes to a successful conclusion15

6. IWF Still Walking

There are still mountains after mountains, shouting under the wheel of the times or riding the tide, humility、focus、innovation are the arrow that breaks the barrier, keeps walking, and tries to achieve the future you want. 

Zhang Haifeng, chairman of the China Bodybuilding Association, looked forward: “The next 10 years will be an important period of strategic opportunities to promote the construction of a healthy China. Maintaining rapid economic growth will lay a solid foundation for people’s health, upgrading the consumption structure will create broad space for the development of sports services, scientific and technological innovation will provide strong support for improving health, and all aspects will build a strong guarantee for sustainable development in the field of sports. We look forward to that IWF will build a comprehensive fitness industry ecosystem platform to help improve the quality and efficiency of China’s fitness industry and further promote the health of everyone.”

IWF Shanghai 2023 comes to a successful conclusion16

Thank you for ten years of companionship and growing up together. In the next decade, IWF will grasp new business opportunities, prepare for a new journey, and write a new chapter! 

Finally, thank you for your strong support for this exhibition!