3 Day Free Accommodation


2-3 Days Free Accommodation

(Deadline: 15 January, 2024, 100 rooms, first come first served.)

Dear visitors, in order to build a professional fitness platform for exhibitors and visitors, you can apply for free accommodation by clicking this link http://donnor.cn/yqg8 to register. The materials you need to upload is as follows:

1. Business License

2. Incumbency Certification

3. Any Files that prove your business in sport/fitness industry

We will inform you whether the application is successful or not by email. If you have any questions, please email to Ms. Jenny by iwf@donnor.com.


1. The organizer only cover 3 days accommodation, the extra dates should be covered by yourself.

2. The hotel room will be reserved only when you receiving the confirmation letter. Please do bring your confirmation letter so that you can show it to the hotel to enjoy free accommodation.

3.If you can not arrive at the hotel in time, please inform us 7 days earlier which can be concealed without cost.

application procedure

Accommodation applicaion form