Floor Plan


Hall N1

Fitness Equipment

Commercial Fitness Equipment, Home Intelligent Fitness Equipment, Functional Training Equipment, Physical Testing/Body Correction Equipment, Yoga/Pilates Equipment, Sports Rehabilitation Equipment, Youth Physical Fitness Equipment, Massager, Fascia Gun


Youth Sports Education

Youth Sports Training Equipment, Youth Physical Education Supporting Products, Youth Physical Education Training Institutions, Children’s Sports Smart Wearable Products, Youth Sports Institutions Business Invitation and Franchise Recommendation, Campus Sports Venue Facilities Construction, Youth Sports Education Teaching Equipment

Hall N2

Fitness Equipment & Accessory

Commercial/Household Fitness Equipment, Fitness Equipment Spare Parts, Functional Training Equipment, Physical Testing/Body Correction Equipment, Yoga/Pilates Equipment, Sports Rehabilitation Equipment


Club Supporting Facilities

Gym/Club Management System, Gym Design and Construction, Ground Laying, Locker, Sports Rehabilitation, Training/Institutional Operations, Fight Training, Fitness APP, EMS Smart Wearable Devices, Beauty Slimming Products, Physical Fitness Test System, Digital Intelligent Fitness System, Fitness and Bodybuilding Media and other Supporting Services

Hall N3

Sports Science and Technology

Intelligent Ecological Sports System, Supporting Products and Smart Wearable, Metaverse Sports Supporting Equipment, Rehabilitation Equipment, Cross-Border Sports, Sports Brand Franchise, IP Authorization, Event Supporting Equipment.


Sports Venue Operation

Venue Materials, Venue Supporting Facilities, Construction Equipment, Athletics and Gymnastics Equipment, Fence and Purse Seine HVAC Materials, Lighting System, Shock-Proof Sound Insulation Materials, Amusement Equipment and Related Supporting Facilities; Campus Sports Equipment, Campus Intelligent Safety Monitoring Equipment, Digital Application Platform

Hall N4

Fitness Club Swimming Pool Supporting Facilities

Public Swimming Facilities and Technology, Private Swimming Pool and Supporting Facilities, Landscape and Waterscape Fountain Equipment, Swimming/Life-Saving Related Equipment, Sauna/Spa/Shower SPA Leisure Facilities and Supplies, Infant Swimming Facilities and Supporting Services, Water Park, Water Sports Equipment, Engineering Design, Service Agencies, Media and Industry Associations


Hall N5

Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition/Supplements, Functional Health Food, Raw Materials and Packaging Equipment, Shake Cup and Punching Machine, Sports Nutrition OEM Services


Sports Fashion Shoes, Clothing and Equipment

Fitness Clothing, Yoga Clothing, Sports Bags, Fitness Sports Tide Accessories, Functional Fabrics and Sports Equipment Accessories