Join IWF SHANGHAI Procurement Meetings to make the most of your time in Shanghai

If you are a professional buyer for fitness/sport products, we invite you to apply to attend the Procurement Meetings.

You will have a one-on-one meeting with industry professionals and product manufacturers. The program is set to match your buy leads with exhibiting manufacturers.

At IWF SHANGHAI Procurement Meeting, you will meet the selected manufacturers in a private setting with whom you have pre-scheduled appointments, maximizing your time and the value of the show.

Who can participate in Procurement Meetings?

The program is open to buyers from gym, and hotel that purchase fitness products.

How do I qualify?

Qualifying criteria that are considered include (but are not limited to):

1.Your individual purchasing authority

2.Annual purchasing budget

3.Specific Buy Leads

How do I apply for participating in IWF SHANGHAI Procurement Meetings?

Please download the application form and contact Ms. Harriet by email

Procurement Procedure

Download the file and provide your buyer lead

Recommend matched exhibitors accordingly

Contact Suppliers and make appointment

Get your badge and attend the conference


Matchingmaking Application