Annual Dinner Party – 10th Anniversary special 10th Anniversary special l 2023 IWF· Harison Annual Dinner Party!

Ten years is just the prime of youth, forging ahead for the future. Ten years, compared with light years is only a very small section, is a summary of the past, but also the prospect of the future. If the industry is the galaxy, then IWF SHANGHAI is willing to be an astronaut, pioneering new growth in the industry on the borderless land, and leading the way.

Annual Dinner Party1
Annual Dinner Party2

On the evening of June 24, IWF together with Harison — the exclusive title sponsor, jointly created 2023 IWF Harison Annual Dinner Party, with the theme of “Planet Party”, which is undoubtedly a social feast belonging to the industry. Let’s draw a new chapter!

400+ industry/association leaders, national well-known club/studio brand leaders, well-known businessmen/household fitness equipment enterprise brand leaders, experts and scholars, industry opinion leaders, institutional leaders, platform media, etc., will attend the dinner party. We appreciate strategic partners of ten years. Let’s talk about the future with guests of this industry!

Annual Dinner Party3

Let’s witness the honor revealed and make the memory of the era together.

Annual Dinner Party4


Dinner Party of this year will integrate SUPER ICON China Super Talent Award ceremony, interactive talent, KOC/KOL, bloggers, etc., to achieve a win-win situation for both content and traffic. In addition, important awards such as “IWF 10th Anniversary Honor Partner”, “IWF 10th Anniversary Honor Partner Organization”, “IWF 10th Anniversary Strategic Partner”, “2023 Fitness Industry Excellence Brand” and “2023 Best Cooperation Association” will be awarded to VIP guests in the industry.

Annual Dinner Party5