Xuzhou Linuo Health Technology Co., Ltd.

The company's main products are divided into commercial strength and aerobic fitness equipment. Commercial strength includes ZCA classic elliptical tube, ZCB light commercial square tube, ZCD classic D tube, ZCE classical square tube, ZCF sailboat, ZCZ comprehensive commercial, ZCH commercial hanging piece, Bumblebee and other eight series of more than 300 products. The main aerobic fitness equipment is commercial electric treadmill, elliptical machine, powerless arc treadmill, rowing machine. Machine and other four series of more than 20 products. Xuzhou Linuo Health Technology Co., Ltd. is a fitness equipment enterprise integrating scientific research, design, production and marketing. Enterprises have a high level of scientific research and design personnel and equipment in the industry, fully using ergonomics principles, using exquisite forehead machinery manufacturing technology, to provide users with excellent fitness, fitness equipment, to achieve better sports results. Over the years, with the care of the State General Administration of Sports, enterprises and institutions at all levels and leaders, coaches and athletes who are interested in fitness and fitness, enterprises have continuously updated and improved their products, and their varieties have increased year by year. They have developed more than 300 kinds of fitness professional fitness equipment, household fitness equipment, outdoor path fitness equipment, bars and dumbbells, with far-reaching products. It has been sold to more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions throughout the country. The products of enterprises pursue safety, pay attention to technology and pay attention to quality. Respect every expert's suggestion, and can design and manufacture according to user's requirements, with excellent products dedicated to the majority of users.

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