Wuxi Salary Food Technology Co., Ltd.

SLEAN nutrient bar has the characteristics of quintuple protein, high fibre, adding probiotics and multiple fruit grains. It tries to make the eater enjoy the delicious taste on the tip of tongue while meeting the requirements of weight management. In addition, SLEAN nutrition bar uses nutrition bar as supplementary product for nutritional intervention. A one-to-one dietitian formulates a personalized diet. Without deliberate diet, SLEAN nutrition bar can easily and happily achieve the effect of weight loss. Cepham (China) (Wuxi Salary Food Technology Co., Ltd.), founded in February 2018, belongs to Cepham Inc. and is the first full-case service provider of functional food in China. The company has always been market demand-oriented, functional food research and development as the core, focusing on the industry to provide full-chain solutions to service companies. We deeply understand and tap the needs of customers and markets, and provide customers with a complete set of functional food case services including market research, product research and development, product production, product VI design, marketing solutions and nutritionists.

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