Tongfang in IWF SHANGHAI Fitness Expo

IWF SHANGHAI Fitness Expo is the largest UFI approved fitness trading event in Asia, which is annually organized during March in Shanghai and combined by fitness trading, fitness training and fitness competition.
IWF SHANHGAI always follows the internationalization tendency, and focuses on the merge of technology and innovation.
By six years operation, 2020 IWF will continue the theme of ‘Technology, Innovation’, expanding the exhibition scale and introduce Food, Leisure, VR products to meet various buyers’ demands.
Tongfang Health Technology Co., Ltd. (TFHT), established in 2002, is an affiliated company wholly owned by the famous high-tech enterprise, Tsinghua Tongfang in China. Focusing on health & fitness industry, Tongfang builds business on health assessment and health management. To serve people's health with science and technology, Tongfang develops and produces series of fitness testing and body composition analyzing products. As the leading manufacturer of fitness testing and body composition analyzing products in China, the products covering physical fitness test & assessment products for adults, students and military people, body composition analyzer, health data management software, professional health guide system, online health assessment and health management system, widely used in medical, fitness, education and health care. The products has massive users and sound reputation in China. Tongfang is proud to be the product supplier for China's National Fitness Testing project and National Students Fitness Database. Tongfang has patents covering intelligent/IC card/electrical/mechanical testers. Based on the in-depth research result with Tsinghua University , Tongfang developed the famous BCA series high-end body composition analyzer. With its accuracy, sophisticated functions, convenient to use and maintenance, BCA changed users' feeling revolutionally. The unique technology ensures BCA to satisfy demands from customers in medical, fitness, sports, education and community service field. The body composition analyzer was honored the Gold Crown Award by Britain International Scientific Center. It's the best seller of this kind in China and export to many other countries. Through connecting testing result with in-depth analysis and personal guide, the products, in cooperation with health management system, hoping to change the way people live. Located in Beijing Zhongguancun High Tech Zone, Tongfang has strong technical human resources and benefits from the wide resources from Tsinghua University and Tongfang Group. Tongfang strives to be the first class health assessment and health management enterprise in the world. Tsinghua University, the most famous university in China. Tongfang is the university operated enterprise group. As the subsidiary of Tongfang focusing on health industry, Tongfang takes advantage of the rish technology resources of Tsinghua university and enjoys the top expertise form the university. Most of excellent products come from the co-operation with Tsinghua. For example, the body composition analyzer is a result after 5 years basic research and passed examinations in many famous hospitals, the strict procedure ensures analyzer to be on the top level. Even push-up, curl-up, and rope-skipping can be counted automatically! Not just fast, but accurate and without artificial error. The best can be storaged in PC directly. The physical fitness testing products include 3 series, 18 items, growing with customers demand. All those achievements benefited from ongoing effort on fitness testing technology. From stand-alone machine to hand held tester, from bar-code scanning to non-contact RFID card, Tongfang continues to develop various products to satisfy every demand of body testing. Up-to-date 5000 series fitness tester is capable of wireless data transfer. Now you can deploy one to a whole set of tester at any place, without any wire or plug. All testing data will 'fly' to the PC automatically. Using self-developed high-speed wireless transferring protocol, the transmission module is strong, secure and counteract interference. No matter it's sports field or open country, you can do the test anywhere. Not only tell you what your body like, but let you know what to do. The professional health guide software-BodyMastercan tell you everything, from exercise suggestions to diet plan. Body Masteris a real expert database. It collected the knowledge from sports/medical/physiology/nutrition profession, concentrated to a PC software. Working with testers and analyzers, the software can evaluate your body status and give a comprehensive improvement plan. Build-in user-defined exercise item, exercise multimedia database, recommended food database and day-by-day diet plan etc. all those flexible functions give maximum free to fitness coaches, teachers, physicians and community health workers. They can work in their own knowledge strengthened by the power of the software. The Health Masteronline health management system moves all the health management procedure to internet. Any enterprise, club or institution, through simple setting, can monitor its members' health and offer services online,including health archive, life habit questionnaire, sub-healthy analysis, cancer risk evaluation and suggestions. It also can census member health status on the basis of departments. Health Masteris a browser/server type system so users don't need to install any software and unlimited by location. It's especially suitable for large enterprise located in different places. The system uses MD5 encryption, multi-layer secure authentication, to ensure the users' privacy. IWF SHANGHAI Fitness Expo: 3-5, July, 2020 Shanghai New International Expo Center SNIEC, Shanghai, China #iwf #iwf2020 #iwfshanghai #fitness #fitnessexpo #fitnessexhibition #fitnesstradeshow #ExhibitorsofIWF #TFHT #Tongfang #Analyzer #BodyAnalyzer #Test #Health #Wellness #BCA #Tsinghua #TsinghuaUniversity #TsinghuaUni