Pronext focuses on the design and customization of sportswear, mainly focusing on the design and customization of the following industries. Fitness: the design and customization of fitness work clothes, membership work clothes and member clothes; running: the design and customization of road running and cross-country running equipment; fighting: the design and customization of fighting training equipment; Yoga: the design and customization of coaches and member yoga clothes; golf: the customization of caddie clothes of Golf Club department, the design and customization of staff clothes of golf club; event: the participation clothes . design and customization of the final wear and accessories. Wuxi sileyi Trade Co., Ltd. is founded on the love of fitness and sports. It has next brand. Pronext is located in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang business district with concentrated production capacity of sports apparel. It has a sound industrial chain, and can keenly capture the fabric trend, style trend and design trend of international sports apparel. The company has an independent production proofing center and supporting processing plant, with excellent design and development capabilities, proofing capabilities and production capacity. Can quickly respond to the needs of customers, the first 20 orders can enjoy the customized service of sports apparel. The general customization cycle is 15-20 days. Pronext attaches great importance to the sense of quality of each customized clothing. The produced clothing and sports equipment are complete in details such as fabric, technology, packaging, tag, label washing, etc., with texture comparable to brand sports clothing, giving users a better customized experience.