Precor in IWF SHANGHAI Fitness Expo

IWF SHANGHAI Fitness Expo is the largest fitness trading event in Asia, which is annually organized during March in Shanghai and combined by fitness trading, fitness training and fitness competition.
IWF SHANHGAI always follows the internationalization tendency, and focuses on the merge of technology and innovation.
By six years operation, 2020 IWF will continue the theme of ‘Technology, Innovation’, expanding the exhibition scale and introduce Food, Leisure, VR products to meet various buyers’ demands.
Precor is a proud member of Amer Sports, one of the leading sporting goods companies in the world. Its portfolio of internationally recognized brands includes Salomon, Wilson, Suunto, Atomic, Arc'teryx and Mavic. All Amer Sports companies develop and manufacture technically advanced products and accessories that improve the performance of active participants in a wide range of sports, including tennis, badminton, golf, American football, soccer, baseball, basketball, skiing, snowboarding, fitness training, cycling, running, hiking and diving. 'Fitness Made Personal' is a direct extension of the Precor Mission. It is a reminder of what Precor strives to be and how Precor is different than others in our industry. Fitness is the business that Precor strives to bring a personal touch to the experience of every exerciser, relates to operators in our industry in a personal way and cultivates a culture that believes in mutual respect and the overwhelming returns of sharing. Precor doesn't make Precor equipment for millions of people, instead of for each person who uses it. The mission is to develop personalized health and fitness experiences that help people live the lives they desire. For over three decades, Precor has driven fitness forward with a passionate focus on ergonomic motion, proven science and superior engineering. Precor constantly studies and anticipates the needs of the people and organizations Precor serves and continually redefines the levels of innovation, quality and service necessary to deliver the very best fitness experiences - all with the goal of improving the ways people improve themselves. The equipment is chosen by health clubs, hotels and spas, universities and individuals all over the world. A proud history of innovation. Precor began by launching the first ergonomically sound rowing machine and has been moving with the natural motion of the human body ever since.  Every breakthrough product Precor has introduced, from the first cushioned treadmills to the industry's first elliptical trainer have resulted in patents that represent the culmination of a passionate culture driven to deliver pioneering fitness experiences. Precor education is helping you coach clients to get the most out of their workouts on Precor equipment. Fitness professional education site hosts training videos, downloadable workouts and programs and other fitness insights. As your business partner, Precor offers education resources that coach your staff on best practices supporting equipment. Precor provides training content in video, e-learning, webinar and PDF format to help you get your new and existing staff members up to speed on the products in your facility. Keep workouts at your Precor equipped facility fresh and engaging. Adding variety to your training routine quickens results, reduces training boredom and introduces you to new and inspiring styles of training. When you choose Precor, you choose the best. Delivering excellent customer service is one of Precor's core values. Precor will take care of you every step of the way through your Precor experience, from start, to finish, and beyond. Precor equipment is low maintenance and built for the long haul. When service and support are needed, Precor jumps into action. With an average of 8 years at Precor, the staff knows the equipment inside and out and will get you the parts, service and technician you need. We know that service and support rank high on the list when you're choosing fitness equipment. Precor strives to provide the best customer service to customers through taking a thoughtful, genuine approach. Take a look at how our service efforts play out around the globe, as evidenced by our independent surveys sent to every customer who has made a service request. Precor takes pride in two world-class manufacturing facilities located in Woodinville, Washington and Whitsett, North Carolina. These facilities gives complete control of design and production, resulting in improved product quality, quicker deliveries and reduced costs for freight. It all leads to better equipment, readily available parts and great value for your customers. Precor means business. The equipment is competitively priced from the start and gets you at least 14% higher return on your investment at the end, meaning a lower total cost of ownership for you. Precor also understands that having high equipment uptime is crucial for your members' experience, so all of the equipment is built for long hours of use, easy cleaning and simple maintenance. Precor desires a life without limits.   IWF SHANGHAI Fitness Expo: #iwf #iwf2020 #iwfshanghai #fitness #fitnessexpo #fitnessexhibition #fitnesstradeshow #ExhibitorsofIWF #Precor #Amer #Amersports #Salomon #Wilson #Suunto #Atomic #Mavic #Cardio #Strength #GroupTraining #AdaptiveMotionTrainer #AMT #Treadmill #Elliptical #HIIT #Bike #Spinning #SpinningBike #Cycling #Console #Climber #Queenax #Core #Stretching