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Our main products are EMS training instruments and customized high-efficiency special clothes which are systematically upgraded. The products can be devided into professional model for fitness club and personal model for home use. We have been selling EMS products in mainland China for two years. The sales volume is increasing every year. It already have been sold 200 total in Asia.  Welcome to know about our company's EMS products! Thank you! As a startup manufacturing enterprise in high technology business field, NOVAVOX Inc. strive to develop honest product that can provide high efficiency, convenience and accessibility for customers in the field of health, medicine, beauty, new agricultural technology and children articles. We research, develop, manufacture and sale! To be specific, We upgraded EMS Training System (developed for astronauts by NASA) systematically 。Also, Our Ultrasonic bone densitometer that can diagnose osteoporosis conveniently. Also our high quality natural soap (natural medicinal materials and minerals) is verified good for skin. We also undertaking R&D on beauty device and new agricultural technology devices. We do our best for human’s health and beauty. Thank you!