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Interior Design and VI Visual Design of Fitness Space Young design is a design company of 567go that focuses on gym and studio design. Founded by Mr. Yang Yu, who has been engaged in the fitness industry for 17 years, and Mr. Kong Fenglei, a senior designer in the industry. In addition to interior design, we can also provide you with brand strategy, LOGO design, VI visual design and soft design, create the closest to corporate culture, the most reasonable layout and create a fashionable, functional gym or studio. From the design, construction, management system, strength aerobic equipment, functional training equipment, crossfit equipment, heart rate training system, EMS electric pulse training equipment (XBODY), to the recruitment and training of coaches after the opening of the store, Young Design has a strong ability to integrate resources to provide customers with a series of solutions, saving money and worry. Young Design is a design company that is closest to fitness workers and understands your needs.