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The brand "ikidfit Children's Physical Fitness" is the earliest group of institutions engaged in children's physical fitness training in China. At present, there are 119 authorized stores for brands and courses, covering more than 20 provinces and 80 cities. In 2011, ikidfit Children's Physical Fitness Training College was established. More than 3,000 trainers have been trained. It is known as the "Huangpu Military Academy" in the field of children's physical fitness. "Two Snails" is the equipment brand of Aiku Sports. It covers more than 90 kinds of high-end equipment products, "Safety, Interest, Environmental Protection, Professional System", and has become an expert in physical fitness training equipment for children aged 3-14. Aiku Sports, China's first new three-board listed brand company for children's physical fitness training (stock code: 839114), is committed to the "children's stadium model, children's physical equipment procurement, coaches and teachers training, curriculum system authorization, sales and operation management" as one of the five modules, providing business plans and operational services for authorized local authorities and franchisees throughout the country. Leaded by the founder, Mr. Zheng Dongdong, and established excellent teams with senior experts, coaches and scholars in the industry, and independently developed training courses. Through the ToB curriculum and brand authorization model, Aiku Sports is providing a complete set of curriculum solutions for kindergartens and training centers in primary schools throughout the country. It has been used in hundreds of sports centers dominated by pure children's sports. In 2015, Aiku Sports launched and formed the only officially registered Chinese Children's Physical Fitness Sports Federation. By early 2018, the alliance had more than 300 members of different brands.

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