VIKING FORCE Brands: : Beast Muscle Powder, Wild Animal Whey Protein, Beast and Testosterone, Pirate Beef Hydrolyzed Protein Powder, Pirate Empire Whey, L-Carnitine, Poseidon Nitrogen Pump, Pirate BCAA, etc. ACTIVLAB main products: double whey, dynamic whey, dynamic BCAA, dynamic night protein, I shape my meal replacement meal high protein potato pancakes, high protein cereal, high protein coffee, high protein soup, high protein egg cake. Established in 2017, EURAMERICA INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO., LTD is committed to becoming a supplier of high-quality products importing famous brands from the United States and Europe to the Chinese market. In order to better understand and introduce international brands, we set up branches and offices in Hong Kong at the same time. In the initial stage, the company will mainly focus on Sports nutrition products. The management team members have more than one. Forty years of sports nutrition marketing experience. In early 2018, the company introduced two well-known brands of consumer goods from Europe. -- Viking FORCE and ACTIVLAB Viking is a high-end sports nutrition brand from Sweden and a leader of high-end sports nutrition products in Europe. Power Laboratory is a famous sports nutrition brand with a long history from Europe. It is the first in the world. Develop and launch liquid BCAA manufacturer.

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