Transition and Innovation in 2023 IWF

Focus on Digital Intelligence, Transition and Innovation


China (Shanghai) Int’l Health, Wellness, Fitness Expo will cater to the new opportunity of digital intelligence and comprehensive sports, gathering health elements of science and technology, exhibiting the products resources, cross-field to cover the fitness equipment and club supporting (including swimming pool facilities, etc.), functional health drinks, sports science and technology supplies and fashion shoes and clothing, youth sports education, etc., accurately integrate the demands of exhibitors and buyers with digital intelligence resources of the whole industry chain, and promote the transformation and innovation of fitness industry resources.





Fitness equipment and club facilities (including swimming pool facilities, etc.)

As the most important exhibition category of the fitness exhibition, commercial and household fitness equipment are the most representative products of the fitness industry. At the same time, club facilities including swimming pool facilities are also related to the good development of the fitness industry. IWF will present more large-scale, professional and innovative exhibits, and precisely match fitness equipment and club supporting resources.

Functional and healthy food and drink

In the new consumption scene, functional and healthy food and drink in the field of sports nutrition have become a new popular track. With the concept of health deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the 2023 IWF will expand the range of functional and healthy food and drink exhibits, refine the track, and make the concept of health become a common practice.

Sports Science and Technology Supplies and Fashion Shoes and Clothing

The trend of intelligence is becoming clear in the current blue ocean of industry, and sports science and technology suppliers and fashion shoes and clothing are constantly upgraded. IWF will highlight to show the cutting-edge scientific and technological products and fashionable sports shoes and clothing in the sports industry, and penetrate into the health needs of the public life.







Focus on service, expand functions

As a platform that carries the function of displaying industrial innovation achievements and connecting the upstream and downstream of the industry, IWF has been dedicated to serving the industry for 9 years. Through think tank forums, education and training, competition, exhibition, interactive awards and other sectors, it fully stimulates the platform functions of trade docking, trend release, channel expansion, publicity and promotion. Moreover, IWF links many domestic and foreign exhibitor brands and professional buyer groups to build a new ecology of sports industry, create a new potential energy for the development of sports and fitness industry, and provide a all-link road innovation scheme for enterprises and their industries to achieve sustainable and high-quality development.



Upgrade the Youth Body Education

Pay attention to youth physical education and training, set up young physical fitness skills course training area, venue facilities teaching equipment area, young sports characteristic area, develop children and youth sports competitions, grasp the chance of youth sports and education, to meet the needs of young sports industry.



Lanch the Thousand People Conference

IWF will work with Huawei, Xiaomi, JD Sports and other head enterprises to discuss the ecological trend of sports intelligence, grasp the chance, and help the fitness industry expand and upgrade.