Happy 10th Anniversary for 2023 IWF!


The first year in 2014, we were fledgling, so young that can only toddle like a child to stumble blindly;

The fifth year in 2018, we were like the teenage with the original aspiration, pressed forward with indomitable will;

The tenth year in 2023, we are like vigorous youth with firm and calm, stick to march forward bravely;


Ten years is a journey, we finally write down the fitness platform poem with the start of enduring great hardships in pioneer work!

Ten years is a footstep, we carry forward the cause and forge ahead into the future,  move forward even though the ways seem unconquerable and pain-taking, and jointly write a magnificent chapter in the field of fitness!


Adhering to the tenet of service industry, with the main key of “Review the past, looking to the future”, and anchor the theme of “Digital Transformation + Comprehensive Sports + Comprehensive Health”, 2023 China (Shanghai) Int’l Health, Wellness, Fitness Expo will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 17 to 19, and more than 1,000 brands are expected to participate. On the 10th anniversary of the IWF, we upgrade overall, trying to present an unprecedented scale, complete plate, rich content, close to the trend of sports and fitness upstream and downstream industry chain event.

 In recent years, IWF actively explore the integration mode of “Government Guide + Enterprise Participation + Exhibition Service” , 2022 IWF had received the strong supports from Sports associations in Jiangsu Province, Nanjing Physical Culture Bureau,International Chamber of Nanjing Commerce, Nanjing Council for the Promotion of International Trade. At the same time, over the years, the exhibition has also been assisted by many industry associations nationwide, such as China Bodybuilding Association, Shanghai Fitness and Bodybuilding Association, Guangdong Fitness and Bodybuilding Association, Anhui Fitness and Bodybuilding Association, Zhejiang Bodybuilding and Aerobics Association, QingdaoFitness and Bodybuilding Association, Shenyang Bodybuilding Association and so on others associations, and all of that have promoted the in-depth development of the industry. As the National Sports Industry Demonstration Project and Shanghai Sports Industry Demonstration Project, IWF will continue to work with more government departments and industry associations in 2023, vigorously explore the red sports resources and culture, and actively build the Yangtze River Delta sports and fitness industry development circle.



Brave to be the leader, fuller and fullest

2023 IWF will follow the new trend, vigorously develop the new form of “Fitness +”, actively promote the industry integration and upgrade of “Sports Fitness + Digital”, “Fitness +Comprehensive Health”, “Sports Fitness + Light Outdoor”. In order to boost domestic consumption, IWF will unlock the hot plays like Disc, Paddle, Surfskate, Camping and so on. At the same time, IWF will open up a special party to review the 10th anniversary, appreciate the strategic cooperation brand, building a Chinese high-quality sports fitness business platform in the people who are sticked to the feelings of the fitness, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the fitness industry.