Standing from Taiwan, embracing Asia, looking towards worldwide

“Attacus”,set out from Taiwan, breaks into Asian and global markets by its uniqueness designs and multiple applications. The company combines the Apps and the cloud integration system for offering users a new aspect of sensory experiences from Attacus series of products. Either on the developments, the designs or the production processes of the products, Attacus insists to make our best effort to enrich the lives of users. This company’s home fitness equipment, Commercial Fitness Equipment and accessories are state of the innovation.

Home Fitness Equipment

AT100-New Release

New Release


A smart treadmill designed just for you.

Refine your health  Redefine your lifestyle.


Exclusive Cloud Run app with real online marathon.

Compatible with zwift and kinomap.


Simple and bold design and colors.

Clear and contrasting LCD console.

Light and foldable, suitable for any space.


New Near-Field Connection technology.

Compact with incredible speed and inclination.

Comfortable 8-points Shock Absorption System.

AT- 500

High carbon steel structure.

The high loading performance ensures your safety and the stability while running.

Variable cushioning

Bi-directional hydraulics effectively absorbs the vibrations from the treadmills.

Powerful quiet motor

De-noise tests to ensure the low sound while running.

Smart pace

The exclusive monitor technology intelligently calculates and monitors your output without wearing any extra parts.

Commercial Fitness Equipment


Quiet and Stable

Smooth magnetic resistance delivers great road feel.

Ergonomic Design

No-Slip Multi-Position Handlebars

Eco-friendly Technology

Generator power-it’s no need to plug in and will greatly enhance the convenience of the movement.

6 Color Heart Rate LED Light to Indicat Wireless detection for both Bluetooth and ANT+.

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Steady and Quiet 8 levels of smooth magnetic resistance

Generator power-it’s no need to plug in and will greatly enhance the convenience of the movement.

Wireless detection for both Bluetooth and ANT+.

The heart rate can be display by wearing wearable device.

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WT002- Smart Training Weight Stack Pin Coming soon

ATTACUS WT002 Smart Training Weight Stack Pin is your best weight training coach and tool for coaching. It helps to construct individuals’ sport files and generate reports based on data collected during workout. With the display of data, you can train more efficiently and/or help others to achieve training goals.

You can acquire accurate, real-time training data and maintain training standards. With ATTACUS WT002 Smart Training Weight Stack Pin, you can easily interpret data with intuitive and simplified diagrams on app and cloud-based platform, and adjust your training goals effectively. During the training sessions, the information helps you to prevent injuries or overtraining and maximizes the effectiveness of daily training.

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Star 2

●Built-in 9-axis G-Sensor, Gyroscope, and M-sensor

Running, cycling, swimming, hiking, strength training are all covered 24/7 in your reports. See your step count, distance, total time, calorie-burn, sleep quality, and heart rate zones recorded by Star 2.

●5ATM Waterproof

Professional waterproof specification

●Multi sports mode

→ Indoor and outdoor modes

→ Auto swimming stroke-type recognition

→ Connectable with bike sensors

→ Trace Back features for hiking

→ Strength training recording

●Full Workout Report Storage

All the activity types and reports will be automatically uploaded to the GPT Center, detailed analysis report can be view for future reference.

●Standby up to 23 days, and GPS mode up to 13 hours

The enduring battery life allows you to enjoy your favorite sports and feel ready for more adventures.

●Connect with other heart rate monitors, speed & cadence sensors, and fitness equipment.

●New Lifestyle

With Star2’s simple and fashionable design plus the waterproof feature, it is suitable not just for sports but also everyday life.

Brightened up your life by watch face options and notification settings.

●Connectable to heart rate monitor sensors, speed & cadence sensors, and fitness equipment.

●Connect your sporty side to your social life through uploading your sports achievement.

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