Exhibitor Recommendation : Shandong Minolta Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd.


Located in the development zone of Ningjin County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province. It is a manufacturer specializing in the research, development, design, production, sales, and services of commercial fitness equipment. The company was established in 2010 and owns a large factory area of 150 acres with 10 large workshops. We have a long-term partnership mechanism, a well-established project management system, adhere to credibility and ethics, strictly comply with market operation rules, resolutely safeguard the interests of partners, and assist partners in providing professional system solutions for users. This includes support throughout the entire process, from needs design, detailed planning, product selection, construction drawing design, product installation guidance, system usage training, to sustainable after-sales service.
Product Types: Treadmill, Exercise Bike, Strength Training Equipment, Multifunctional Trainer, Customized Training Frame, Dumbbells and Barbells, Personal Training, etc.
MND-X600 Treadmill 


This product draws inspiration from high-end foreign designs, featuring an overall stylish and atmospheric appearance. The groundbreaking pillar design, combined with the latest creative elements, instantly highlights the treadmill’s nobility and luxury.
The ultra-wide aluminum alloy pillar supports the central control panel design, providing users with a stable and reliable working platform.
The emergency brake switch, equipped with a safety clip and cable, is prominently located below the front end of the handlebar, making it convenient for the operator to use. In the event of an emergency power outage, it can immediately stop running, ensuring safety and reliability. The heart rate monitoring device designed on the handlebar detects the user’s heart rate in real-time, providing timely feedback on the ideal heart rate status.
The water bottle holder on the left side of the central control panel is divided into two parts. It can accommodate a round water bottle, facilitating users to replenish water in a timely manner. Additionally, it can hold small items such as keys and membership cards, making them easily accessible. The elongated storage trough designed in the middle position can hold items like mobile phones and tablets.
MND-X800 Surfing machine


Multifunctional Display Panel with High-Definition Data Display: Stay in control of your exercise data at all times, tailor your workout and fitness plans rationally for a more specialized and scientifically-guided fitness experience.
Ideal Handlebar Position: Designed in accordance with ergonomics, the handlebar is positioned at an optimal angle, allowing individuals of different body shapes to easily grip it. During exercise, the hands and shoulders can extend forward moderately, enhancing comfort and achieving adjustable effects for hand movements.
Adjustable Base: Enhances balance during body movement, improves core strength, and stability.
MND-D16 Magnetic Resistance Adjustable Spin Bike:


Pedal installation utilizes Morse taper, ensuring a tighter fit and reduced susceptibility to damage.
Commercial-grade, all-aluminum rear flywheel for smooth high-speed operation without wobbling.
Extra-large steel frame for enhanced overall corrosion resistance.
Designed with aerodynamics and a circular shape.
Infinite magnetic control adjustment.
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