Ace Ip: China Fitness Leadership Forum And China Influential Fitness Club Private Board

It’s a time to get together, it’s a time for communication and sharing, and it’s a time to be ambitious. Over the years, the IWF forums have evolved to address the dynamic landscape of the fitness industry.

In 2016, the inaugural IWF China Fitness Club Management Forum, themed “Addressing Club Development Pain Points,” was co-hosted by ”Fitness & Beauty” magazine, Fitness and Beauty (Beijing) Cultural Development Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Donnor Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.

In 2017, the CFLF China Fitness Leadership Forum introduced its exclusive forum brand logo, marking a significant step in its progression.

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In 2018, the “IWF China Fitness Club Management Forum” elevated into the “2018 China Fitness Club Management Summit.” Focused on the theme “Breaking Boundaries, Cross-industry: New Reforms in the Fitness Industry,” it explored successful industry cases and the challenges and reflections for companies amid the industry’s new trends.

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The IWF China Fitness Leadership Forum in 2019 delved into the “Fitness Club Business Capital Path,” aiming to explore how to establish the core value of Chinese fitness clubs.

In 2020, the 7th Fitness Leadership Forum handed over the speaker’s platform to the audience, addressing inquiries like “Expanding Fitness Studios, Retaining Exceptional Coaches at Gyms, Future Prospects and Policies in the Fitness Industry,” and recommendations for strict high-end gym operations in terms of decoration and exercise equipment selection.

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The 8th Fitness Leadership Forum in 2021, themed “Service Creating Value,” centered around the “Outreach, Cross-Industry: New Revolution in the Fitness Industry,” hosting the China Impact Fitness Club Strategic Development Private Board Meeting.

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In 2022, the IWF China Fitness Leadership Forum themed “Integration and Symbiosis” focused on “Strategic Adjustments in Venue Operations in the Context of the Normalization of Epidemics.” This aimed to pivot marketing directions and unearth market potentials, seeking deeper business insights, development trends, and inspiring breakthroughs at the China Impact Club President’s Exclusive Meeting.

In 2023, the 10th China Fitness Leadership Forum and the 4th China Impact Club Private Board Meeting showcased resilience amid uncertainties and innovation amid intense competition. It explored market models and new customer acquisition strategies, diving deep into the evolving fitness business brand in an era of change.

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In 2023, IWF 10th China  Fitness Leadership Forum & the 4th China Influential Fitness Club Private Board with the theme of “Struggling with Uncertainly”, “Innovation in the face of fierce competition” , ” Renewal from Multiple Businesses”, and focuing on topics such as market modeling and new customer acquisition, explore the new way of fitness commercial brand under the change of The Time.

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In the upcoming 2024, Forum Summit will always keep track of new trends in the industry and conduct brand new topic summits, to share the experience and mutual benefit.

Feb. 29 – Mar. 2, 2024

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