2023 IWF Pre-registration!




2023 IWF pre-registration has officially opened!

Please do the registration first!  Pre-registration link

The first year in 2014, we were fledgling, so young that can only toddle like a child to stumble blindly;

The fifth year in 2018, we were like the teenage with the original aspiration, pressed forward with indomitable will;

The tenth year in 2023, we are like vigorous youth with firm and calm, stick to march forward bravely;

Ten years is a journey, we finally write down the fitness platform poem with the start of enduring great hardships in pioneer work;

Ten years is a footstep, we carry forward the cause and forge ahead into the future,  move forward even though the ways seem unconquerable and pain-taking, and jointly write a magnificent chapter in the field of fitness!




March 17-19,2023

Shanghai New International Expo Center

The 10th IWF International Fitness Show is about to open grandly!