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HYPERGYM Brand Intelligent Aerobic Fitness Equipment (Intelligent treadmill, Intelligent rowing machine, Intelligent Fitness Car and Intelligent Elliptical Machine) Intelligent gymnasium equipment (Intelligent Gate Gate Gate, Intelligent Storage Cabinet/Long Rent Cabinet, Vending Machine, Automatic Coffee Machine, etc.) Fitness SaaS Management System Founded in 2015, MarvSmart Technology Co.,Ltd. is an innovative technology company focusing on the development and production of intelligent fitness equipment and fitness SaaS management system, creating an intelligent gym ecology with excellent experience and convenient management. Intelligent gymnasium solution realizes the functions of equipment interconnection, training data cloud analysis, individualized customization of fitness program, integral, etc. It gives users interesting, interactive and scientific fitness experience, and gives new vitality to traditional equipment "play and practice". At the same time, integrates Zhiqi technology SaaS with a set of intelligent equipment, realizes the digital modules of coaches, members, managers and CRM. Operation. At present, the brand HYPERGYM fitness equipment, fitness room supporting intelligent equipment (intelligent gate gates, intelligent storage cabinets, intelligent vending machines, etc.) and fitness SaaS management system have been put into use. The key customers are Jinjibi fitness, Goodfelli fitness and other chain gymnasiums.

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