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"Zhimai" focuses on building a professional SAAS model cloud management platform for sports and fitness venues. Through biometrics, the system integrates services and intellectualized scene control system, personnel and energy consumption monitoring system, which can greatly improve project construction efficiency, reduce construction and operation costs, more effectively meet user needs, enhance user stickiness, and ultimately realize the healthy development of stadiums and gymnasiums. Through the application of Internet of Things equipment and big data, it can accurately collect and analyze all kinds of data in the whole process of sports, and effectively enhance the scientific nature of sports training. Zhimai is a leading supplier of product solutions for Internet of Things terminal equipment and intelligent control system in China. In early 2014, the company began to develop the intelligent gymnasium system and create a micro-communication service platform for the fitness industry chain, which is popular with users. Zhimai Intelligence can provide intelligent faces, finger vein gates, access control, finger vein lockers, referring to venous sales system, health meters, intelligent fitness equipment, data extraction, upload to the server. A multi-dimensional, comprehensive software and hardware product is formed to form an intelligent Internet of things, and has won wide acclaim in the industry. It is praised as the industry leader in the Internet + gymnasium sports field.

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