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IWF SHANGHAI Fitness Expo is the largest UFI approved fitness trading event in Asia, which is annually organized during March in Shanghai and combined by fitness trading, fitness training and fitness competition.
IWF SHANHGAI always follows the internationalization tendency, and focuses on the merge of technology and innovation.
By six years operation, 2020 IWF will continue the theme of ‘Technology, Innovation’, expanding the exhibition scale and introduce Food, Leisure, VR products to meet various buyers’ demands.
Founded in 2005, Braveiy has been a fast growing contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, with total area 50,000 square meter and construction area 25,000 square meter. With years of persistent efforts and accumulation, Braveiy has become a high-tech enterprise to develop, manufacture and market product solutions for health-care industry. Braveiy is not only the manufacturer of dietary supplements, but also the provider of different formulation and registration documents for overseas market. The products are exported to over 40 countries all over the world, including new market in South America and Asia. The foreign trade sales are growing at annual rate of 40%. The facilities have been inspected by CFDA and the third party inspectors. Up to now, Braveiy has approved by GMP, BRC, ISO22000, HACCP and EU fishery food products registration. Braveiy can provide softgel, capsules, tablet, effervescent tablet and powder. Regarding weight loss, Braveiy has 50+ formulations. There are mainly 5 types of weight-loss supplements in the market, which are appetite suppressant, enhancing or promoting metabolism, accelerating fat catabolism, double muscle, preventing digestion and absorption. The product formulation can meet most of your needs: Garcinia Cambogia ext, is a natural ingredient extracted from the fruit peel of garcinia cambogia. Active ingredient HCA can effectively accelerate fat catabolism and reduce food intake. L-carnitine, a kind of amino acid that converts fat into energy. It is also a natural ingredient. In the amount of exercise, such as athletes, sports or fitness people, more energy consumption in short time, carnitine is a good choice for us to loss more fat. Chitosan, extracted from shrimp and crab shell, is widely used in weight-loss supplement. They can increase the absorption of calcium and minerals, and promote protein synthesis. They are three main ingredients in formula, two capsules a day. Besides, the RD team can revise the formula per your request if you need. And you have two choices regarding the capsule, one is gelatin and another is vegetarian. As a supplier of professional health products, Braveiy has always been advancing in the field of health. Braveiy has a comprehensive and scientific diet nutrient series to meet the health needs of different groups of people.   IWF SHANGHAI Fitness Expo: 3-5, July, 2020 Shanghai New International Expo Center SNIEC, Shanghai, China #iwf #iwf2020 #iwfshanghai #fitness #fitnessexpo #fitnessexhibition #fitnesstradeshow #ExhibitorsofIWF #Braveiy #Nutrition #HealthTransmitter #Health #Vitamin #Mineral #Antioxidant #Bone #Joint #EyeHealth #FishOil #Probiotic #SleepCycle #Skin #Hair #Nail #Chewable #GarciniaCambogia #HCA #Lcarnitine #Chitosan

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