FightBro in IWF SHNAGHAI Fitness Expo

IWF SHANGHAI Fitness Expo is the largest UFI approved fitness trading event in Asia, which is annually organized during March in Shanghai and combined by fitness trading, fitness training and fitness competition.
IWF SHANHGAI always follows the internationalization tendency, and focuses on the merge of technology and innovation.
By six years operation, 2020 IWF will continue the theme of ‘Technology, Innovation’, expanding the exhibition scale and introduce Food, Leisure, VR products to meet various buyers’ demands.
FIGHTBRO is a professional fighting brand, focusing on MMA, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, judo, boxing and Muay Thai etc. As well as fighting fitness and other fields, FightBro is specialized in design, manufacturing and marketing of martial art products including MMA cages, boxing rings, roll-up mats, wall pads, punching bags, punching mitts, gloves, training targets, fight wear and etc. FIGHTBRO is sold in more than 30 countries worldwide. The FIGHTBRO brand actively promotes quality fighting products for national events, venues, athletes and practitioners to increase the development of combat sports around the world. FIGHTBRO is pleased to welcome top UFC contender Steven 'Wonderboy' Thompson to the team of sponsored fighters. FightBro was created by the company Damai Sports in 2017 in Guangzhou, China. Damai has its humble origins in the manufacturing of elastomeric foams for insulation and other items. In 2008, Damai entered the combat sports equipment scene and quickly established its presence in the market. FightBro has since grown internationally and provided professional combat equipment for world-class events, fighting venues and athletes such as ONE Championship, UFC Gym, World Lethwei Championship, Nogueria Team, Shooto, Absolute Championship Akhmat and many more. FightBro focuses on the needs of athletes and fighters in MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, judo and others. FightBro strives to produce quality products for the combat sports community, including items such as rings, cages, combat mats, wall mats, sandbags, boxing and MMA gloves, combat clothing, casual clothing, and other combat-related equipment. The FightBro brand is operated by Damai Sports Co., Ltd. and its mother company, Rubatek International Limited which is responsible for brand promotion and product sales and services both in and outside of China respectively. FightBro products are produced by its own factory plant in Guangzhou and  control most of production processes, including hardware, steel, foam, leather processing and other materials and processes. FightBro controls the production of products every step of the way to ensure that the final product that you receive is of the best quality!   IWF SHANGHAI Fitness Expo: 3-5, July, 2020 Shanghai New International Expo Center SNIEC, Shanghai, China #iwf #iwf2020 #iwfshanghai #fitness #fitnessexpo #fitnessexhibition #fitnesstradeshow #ExhibitorsofIWF #FightBro #Damai #Rubatek #MMA #BrazilianJiuJitsu #JiuJitsu #BJJ #MuayThai #Boxing #Wrestling #Judo #ONEChampionship #UFCGym #UFC #Lethwei #Nogueria #Shooto #AbsoluteChampionshipAkhmat #Combat #Ring #Cage #Punching #FightGear #FightWear #Gloves #Kickboxing

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