Beijing Noah Solar Tech. Co., Ltd.

Noahpool is a prefabricated steel swimming pool.The preparatory work of the pool is carried out in the factory. Through scientific design, standardized operation and large-scale production, all the accessories are manufactured in the factory and then transported to the site for assembly. Compared with the traditional swimming pool, it has the advantages of fast installation, no damage to the installation environment, repeated disassembly and assembly, energy saving and environmental protection. Beijing NoahSolar Tech.Co.,Ltd.was established in 2010, is a modern enterprise dedicated to research and development and sales of high-end leisure health products. The company has a professional swimming pool brand - NOAHPOOL prefabricated steel pool system. The company integrates the whole process of design, development, manufacture, installation and maintenance of prefabricated steel pool , and is a professional service provider dedicated to the integrated solution of prefabricated steel pool in China. Beijing NoahSolar Tech.Co.,Ltd.has perfect solutions for swimming pools, commercial swimming pools, children's swimming pools, private swimming pools and special swimming pools. Its products are diversified. It can customize and develop various standard swimming pools, special-shaped swimming pools and personalized swimming pool system integration according to customers'requirements.

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