Ray Nigel in IWF SHANGHAI Fitness Expo

IWF SHANGHAI Fitness Expo is the largest fitness trading event in Asia, which is annually organized during March in Shanghai and combined by fitness trading, fitness training and fitness competition. IWF SHANHGAI always follows the internationalization tendency, and focuses on the merge of technology and innovation. By six years operation, 2020 IWF will continue the theme of ‘Technology, Innovation’, expanding the exhibition scale and introduce Food, Leisure, VR products to meet various buyers’ demands. RAY NIGEL, a professional fitness equipment brand in the United States. Headquartered in Colorado, USA, it belongs to USA RAY NIGEL GROUP INC. Focus on fitness equipment and functional training equipment research and development, dedicated to professional fascia relaxation research and promotion. Relieve Fascia relieves lactic acid build-up Through high-frequency vibration stimulation, Fascial gun can reduce muscle and fascial adhesion and nodules, reduce muscle stiffnessand soreness, increase blood circulation and range of motion. Design of double bearings for precise counting double Hall sensor Ray Nigel intelligent rope skipping uses bipolar latching Houle switch, toensure that only complete 360 degrees after the completion of the data recording, accurate counting, effective to avoid misjudgment. A Japanese butter trainer - RAY NIGEL Beautiful hips One minute a day, four weeks of ASS RAY NIGEL Flexi bar Vibrate muscles to stimulate deep energy Fast with compact muscles RAY NIGEL Balance plate Balance training strenghens the core muscle group. Professional equipment, scientific training. Just to get in better shape. RAY NIGEL Gear massage stick Relieve fascia, relieve pain Deep muscle relaxation of split gear rolling   IWF SHANGHAI Fitness Expo: http://www.ciwf.com.cn/en/ #iwf #iwf2020 #iwfshanghai #fitness #fitnessexpo #fitnessexhibition #fitnesstradeshow #ExhibitorsofIWF #RayNigel #fascia #relaxation #MyofascialGun #Rope #Ski #RopeSki #Hips #Flexi #FlexiBar #BalancePlate #Massage #MassageStick

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