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- SANKOM Patent Classic Line Products: Bra, Vest, Body Suit, Shaper, Briefs and Back-Brace. - SANKOM Patent Premium Line Products: Bra, Vest, Body Suit, Shaper, Briefs and Back-Brace made with Bamboo, Aloe Vera, Cooling, Pearl fibers. - SANKOM Patent Yoga Fitness Wear Line: Capri Leggings, Full Length Leggings, Bra and Vest - SANKOM Patent Tights with Shaper Incorporated - SANKOM Patent Compression Socks SANKOM®, founded in 2003 in Switzerland, specializes in the development of health and weight management programs, functional sportswear and daily wear garments. SANKOM® programs are based on advanced scientific concepts and supported by innovative high-quality products. Each of them is protected internationally by utility and design patents, trademarks and copyrights. A team of experienced medical doctors and prominent fashion designers leads the SANKOM® functional wear division, creating products that provide both health and aesthetic benefits. The latest groundbreaking inventions – SANKOM® Patent Bra (Multivectoral Posture Brassiere) and SANKOM® Patent Shaper (Restorative Body Balancing Shapewear) – received global recognition and tremendous success among consumers as well as within the professional medical community.